Moti-Bank: Interview mit Paniz

In our Moti-Bank (= motivational power bank), we introduce people and their stories who have committed themselves in their environment to change something. By sharing these examples, the aim is to motivate and inspire others to become active and get involved.

In this interview we introduce Paniz Azadegan. Paniz comes from Iran where she wanted to use her swimming skills to combine joy and learning. She taught the children and women how to swim and shared her advice with them voluntarily.

“Generally, children tend to play around and have some fun. Learning how to swim doesn’t sound much fun. In this situation, I have decided to bring up some ideas to attract the children to have fun while at the same time learn how to swim.

I was 19 years old when I started to work there and I bonded with the team quickly. This experience helped me as well because it increased my awareness about children’s behavior. I was working in a sports complex specifically in the pool area in Iran to teach women and children how to swim. I had multiple duties, for example while I was giving lessons to the participants, I had to keep the pool´s safety in order to prevent any accidents. Also, there were many stressful situations especially in the busy hours. It was so challenging to handle the children and the general safety at once.

Moreover, during the courses, there were some students who were afraid to swim and convincing them to do the practices was not a smooth task. But they kept motivating me to do my best and I always got power from their eagerness to learn. That was a great source of help. I have also received great support from my family who always encouraged me to do what I believe in and from my team in order to improve my performance. Whenever I faced hard times, there were some members of my team who always tried to help me out. 

The results were always so satisfying for both sides. I could see great progress in their efforts in a short period of time and at the same time they were so happy to make this progress and achieved something that was hard for them in the beginning. Also we formed a friendship which helped both sides to have a better view on social contact and how to deal with individuals.“

Paniz Azadegan

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